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Nickel Plating

Welcome to world-class nickel-plating suppliers from India

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  • World class nickel plating from India
  Frequently Asked Questions




What is process of Nickel Plating?

Nickel Plating is carried out by the process of Electro Plating.

What are different types of equipments & fittings which can be plated?

Pipes, Elbows, Weldolets, Flanges, Reducers, Pipe Caps can be Nickel Plated.

Can Nickel Plated pipe spools be welded at site?

Nickel plated Pipe Spool can be welded at site provided the site joint is preplanned and is duly prepared by internal weld overlaying for a distance of atleast 50 mm from proposed weld seam before Nickel Plating. At site nominal length adjustment for fitment can be done & taken up for site welds using qualified WPS. However Random length cutting of pipe spools & welding is not possible.

Is the coating process hot process or cold process?

Electro Plating process is carried out at Room temperature however subsequent heat treatment is carried out after Nickel Plating

Does the Nickel Plating call for heat treatment after the plating process?

Nickel Plating requires S.R at 190-200 OC after Nickel plating for 120 minutes.

What are the different materials that can be plated with nickel?

All C.S materials like SA 106, SA 105, SA 516 and LAS materials like SA 387, SA 335, SA 182 Gr.F11, F12 etc can be nickel plated.

What is the average thickness of coating?

Average thickness of coating depends on the specification of the job; however we can provide thickness upto 400 microns

What is the surface finish required prior to coating

Prior to coating the substrate has to be blasted with Grit to remove dirt, mill scale and loose material

What are the normal test carried out on the nickel plated components?

The following tests are carried out post Nickel Plating of Pipes, Fittings & Spools a. Bending Test (ASTM 689, ASTM B571) b. Porosity Test (ASTM 689) c. Peel Of Test (ASTM 689) d. Thickness measurement

Does stress reliving of Spools effect the Nickel Plating?

NO - stress relieving at temperature of 720oC post welding to make spools, does not affect the Nickel Plating.




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