Crystal's range of Nickel Plating

Nickel based weld overlay in pipes, nozzles, elbows, tees and valves

Cladding applies to providing a specific surface on backing metal. Cladding is normally used in terms of plates, wherein a corrosion or wear resistant plate is applied on a backing plate. This provides the benefit of mechanical properties of base metal with the corrosion or wear resistance properties of the clad material.

Clad plates provide an economical alternative and thus find wide application in construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, columns, reactors, pipe spools and other such applications.

Clad plates – either hot rolled or explosion bonded – as per Client Specifications have been employed in construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, components by Crystal.

Crystal’s experience in clad material fabrication can be gauged with the wide range of clad materials – Austenitic Stainless Steels and High Alloy Steels such as Monel®, Inconel®, Incolloy®, Hastelloy® on carbon and low alloy steel base formed, fabricated, welded and tested.

Crystal also has experience in supplying components which have been lined (strip cladded) with hard wear resistance plates.

Such components have been supplied for Ventrui Scrubbers, Coal Handling Unit, Ash Collector Units and similar units where protection of internal surfaces of base material is required.

Crystal has supplied vessels of clad material consisting of Austenitic Stainless Steel, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Inconel® Incolloy® on carbon steel and low alloy steel base.

Weld overlay is a fusion welding technique used to deposit weld metal on to a component to achieve the desired dimensions or properties, replacing lost metal or providing a wear or corrosion resistant surface.

Depending upon the application and economics, protection of internal surfaces of pipes is achieved either by providing cladding or providing weld overlay.

Clad plates however are limited to applications where cylindrical constructions of uniform large diameters, where accessibility to the inside of the component is available. Small diameter components, contoured surfaces which are difficult to be made from clad plates can be easily provided with the desired surface by employing weld overlay.

Crystal has been regularly supplying weld overlayed items to its various clients. Items such as pipe bores, flange bores and facings, fittings (elbows, tees, reducers, weldolets), special valves for sub-sea and offshore applications.

Weld overlayed components - corrosion resistant overlays (of Austenitic Stainless Steel, Monel®, Inconel®, Incolloy®, Hastelloy®) and wear resistant overlays (Stellite 6®) on carbon steel and low alloy steel base have been supplied by Crystal.

Crystal has expertise in fabrication of cladded as well as weld overlayed pipes and has supplied such pipes to a number of Clients to their satisfaction.

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